The Metallian Interview - August 2009

for a panel - by Ali.



1- Introduce yourself.

Hello ! My name is Lynda Siewicz, metalhead with a rock'n roll mind, and I play the fucking bass in HEMORAGY, heavy/thrash since 2002 !

2- How did you get into the heavier end of the music?

One old day, I was walking on the streets and saw a bookstore wich sold several magazines on the shop-window. I picked one with Iron Maiden in the cover and then the salesman with ruffled hair appeared asking me : « What do you wanna do in your life ? » ; I answered « I wanna Rock ! » 

3- Is it an advantage or a disadvantage being a female in metal?

METAL is timeless and unisex! Only the spirit counts! Nevertheless, a female metal musician is indeed a bit rare; and I talk about « true » musicians and not only barbies !

4- Is the visual aspect of being a female a tool in the promotion of your music?

NO! I don't sell my body for any kind of promotion for HEMORAGY. We are all thrashers and that's all !

5- Do you have any funny instances or memories relating to being a woman and being involved in music?

Yeah, for example, one day I was hanging around on the backstages, and a guy stopped me and said « No!, this area is for musicians only, not for groupies » ! I kicked his ass!!

6- Why can’t women drive and why do they insist to?

WHAT IS THIS STUPID QUESTION?! I don't understand maybe because I'm blond! Too easy ! So easy ! However, almost every night I drive the Hemo Truck to come back home and safe, with lots of drunked metalheads within!!!Unless being blind, everyone can drive! I (d)ride motorbike, horses, cars and I'll drive you to hell !