Interview on Metallinks, June 2007


To those who don’t know you guys can you tell us the band history

Johannes (guitar/vocals) and Steve (drummer) are brothers. Since we were born, our parents listened to Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motörhead.. etc. So we decided to play heavy/metal ! We met Lynda (bass) during an alcholic party. We played together for fun and we noticed that it was good. We gathered the graps and played a lot together! We are a solid trio but we changed several times of second guitarist because it’s very difficult to find the right motivated person and fond of 70’ and 80’ metal. Actually, we play with session second guitarist.

And how did you came up with the name Hemoragy?

It was very simple, we were searching for a good name. At the beginning it was Mutilation but it already exists. So I went round in circles so much that my foot bled and then an idea gushed from my brain: Hemoragy !

You say that you play Heavy/Thrash metal i hear allot of Venom in your music

It’s very strange because we never have listened to Venom before. We say Heavy/Thrash for giving an idea of our music. The opinions are divided, some say that we play thrash’n roll, others heavy metal, and others thrash 80’...and others zouk music (laugh)! We play what we want to, and that’s it. Maybe the sound of our mcd FIRST BLOOD (2004) gives you this feeling.

What are your influences ?

Our influences are mostly heavy and thrash metal bands 80’; in bulk Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Megadeth, Annihilator, Slayer, Exodus, Acdc, Ted Nugent, Carpathian Forest, Accept, Thin Lizzy, Trust...


Your new cd will be released in september can you tell us something about it ?

Yes the new album “Jesus King of Wine” will be a pack of stupid heavy/thrash metal (laugh). More seriously, the songs will be a little more technical but still rock’n roll. It contains 9 new compositions.

Will it be released by a label or by yourselfs ?

We will searching for a good label, in order to be well distributed and promoted. But it is certain that we will do the promotion by ourselves and it is the best way. We won’t stay seated and wait for a miracle. We always do that from the beginning. A label will be here to help us for the promotion but it won’t change our implication!


Is their any difference between you First Blood demo and the new cd?

Oh yeah! We recorded it by ourselves, and we hope that the sound will be better. We naturally envolve between 2 albums so as we said, the compositions will be more technical but our mind is still the same!


You guys are from France how is the metal scene over there?

Yes we are from France we don’t know bands that play the same kind of metal. The metal scene is more black and death metal. Concerts are mostly for extreme metal music.But it remains some indomitable Gauls who resist in our style! Some metal gigs organisators let small bands pay for playing with big bands and we think that it’s not a metal spirit! We don’t like this kind of shit...

Any cool plans for the future?

Yes, our album “Jesus King of Wine” for september. And we make our own beer to keep some money for its promotion (laugh) !


Hahaha and last but not least any last words?

Working hard, playing hard and long live heavy metal !! We are ready to play in your country! Be prepeared to shake your hair and your beers!