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November, 02-2010: Interview for Hard Rock Mag' magazine ! Here.

October, 4-2010: The HeadBang Till Death t-shirt are avalible right NOW and here !!

Tonight from 8:00pm, radio interview on

Scores from the HeadBang Till Death contest are online!

July, 27-2010: An interview is online for the french metal webzine "French Metal". Here.
The Deadline of the contest is September, 30th, Play and Win !


After 6 months, the Hemoragy third album releases on May, 27-10 at least.
More information on discography.

The album is avalaible right now on merchandising !!

PLAY and WIN the contest with the HeadBang Till Death Game !

May, 25-10: The release of the third album is planned on May, 27! Stay Tuned !!
New photos are online.
January 27-10: New photos and videos are online
August 31st,09 : Lynda on interview for The Metallian here
June 11th, 09: New photos of the last gigs are online.
June 08th, 09: HEMORAGY enters the studio for the recording sessions of the third album.
May 1st, 09: HEMORAGY will record the third album from June. Stay Tuned !
March, 21th, 09 : HEMORAGY will release the third album in the end of 2009.
New gigs are confirmed.
January 5th, 09 : A new interview is online.
November, 28th,08: New gigs are scheduled !
Photos of the last gigs are online.
November 6th, 08:New merchandising is avalaible NOW !!!!
Photos of last but not least gigs are online !
September 25th, 08: "Jesus and you" photos shot during the last festival are online !
September, 11th, 08: A gig is confirmed in ROUEN (76), France.

August 28th, 08 : An interview on the webzine Metal Maidens is online.
Three HEMORAGY radio interviews are expected for September. More infos on PRESS !

June 15th, 08: The FANS section is oppenning, the place for you !
May, 16th, 08: Last info HEMORAGY will play at Laon.
News photos are online!
April, 29th, 08: Do you want to see the real JESUS KING OF WINE ? Go on Medias/vidéos! New photos are avalaible
March, 01st, 08: New confirmed gigs
January 17th, 08 : An interview on Metal Bible is online. Photos online
November 24th, 07: Two interviews and gig dates are online!

October 10th, 07 : JESUS KING OF WINE is released !

Interview on Nath-Urlich Radio the Novembre 16th !

September 21st, 07: The new album is entitled JESUS KING OF WINE and contains 9 songs. It will be released for october 2007!
June 10th, 07: We put an interview online. You can find it here
June 5th, 07: A new review is online. You can read it here. (french)
April 30th, 07: New wallpapers are online

January 29th, 07: HEMORAGY will play for the Metal Fest in Osny.

Be patient for the album ! It will rock !

November 6th, 2006 : New videos are online and also a session photo of a gig
August 21st, 2006 : HEMORAGY is on myspace at
July 4th, 2006 : Thanks to the association Motoloup for the last gig with Black Horizon and thanks also to our special guests! The photos are online.

June, 5th, 2006 : New gigs are planed. Clic here to see them

May, 24th, 2006 : Photos of the last concert are online
April 12 th, 2006: A new mp3 is online, To Kill Each Other from the MCD FIRST BLOOD
April 4 th, 2006: HEMORAGY is waiting for you Saturday 4th April in Pierrelaye (95) !!
January 29th, 2006: Nuclear Assault have cancelled dates in their European Tour. The concert in Paris is therefore cancelled.
January 9th, 2006: HEMORAGY will play with Nuclear Assault in Paris in March the 15th !
December 1st, 2005: LAST MINUTE !!! Hemoragy will play with EVIL ONE and TIDAL WAVE at the Mezzanine in Pierrelaye (95), Saturday 3rd December !!!

November 6th, 2005 : Two more concerts for November :

- with ANVIL (heavy from CANADA)+IROM MASK (Belg)+PHANTOM-X (usa)+WILLER(Fr)+SYNAPS (Fr) for an Heavy Metal Festival in Courdimanche (Fr 95)

- with MALADAPTIVE+EVIL ONE+LOWCUT in Paris (Espace Curial)

October 16th, 2005: Henceforth Fred will play concerts with us as a session guitarist.

New video: extracts from the Cambrousse Rock Festival 2005 !

October 2nd, 2005 : We decided not to keep Baron, guitarist, in the band because we don't have the same working methods. Good continuation to him.
September 21st, 2005 : A new review was published in the FannZic webzine.

The photos of the fourth Cambrousse Rock Festival 2005 are online !

September 19th, 2005: Do you have the HEMORAGY T-shirt?! Go to the Merchandising section, they are avalaible.

The gig with DESTRUCTION is cancelled because they demand more money than expected, and the association can't pay so much.

July 11th, 2005 : HEMORAGY will replace the band DISASTER for the Metal Festival in Rouen which will take place Friday, the 15th at the Brooklyn Cafe !

July 1st, 2005 : New gigs are planned for July and September including a Metal Festival !

Photos of the latest concerts are online .

VIDEOS are on line : in the Media section .

The HEMORAGY BUTTUNS are avalaible in the Merchandising section !!!

June, 2005: For the day dedicated to music, Hemoragy will play in Saint-Germain en Laye, in front of the castle, with Sinn, Hardened Bastards and Evil One ! Come on headbanging !

In November, Hemoragy will play with Destruction in Paris (to confirm) !

May 25th, 2005 : The photos taken at the "Mjc de conflans" are online !

A new review of FIRST BLOOD is online.

HEMORAGY will play with Evil One and Hardened Bastards for the day dedicated to music June 21th, more info soon.

New Sections : MERCHANDISING and GOODIES for the HEMORAGY wallpaper.

May 25th, 2005 : Welcome to BARON, the new guitaist who fortifies the band !

The photos taken during the interview for "La Grosse Radio" are online.

May, 2005 : Fred decided to leave Hemoragy in order to create his own band. He still will play with us during the gigs until we find a new guitarist.

HEMORAGY in INTERVIEW : May the 24th, on the Grosse Radio from 8:00 pm !! Be connected !

A NEW REVIEW : from "Accros du Métal". View the review section !

March, 2005 : Do you want to see HEMORAGY live ??! New gigs are planned, so come on regulary to consult our dates !!! A new review is avalaible ! And that the beer runs with floods !! Rock'n Roll !!

Februay 16th, 2005 : HEMORAGY is in interview on Radio RGB 99.2 FM from midnight.

January, 2005 : New concerts are projected for February and April !! And don't forget to come January the 29th to Pierrelaye to see HEMORAGY live, it will thrash !!

December, 2004 : Photos of the concert with ANEVRISM at the Steel Horse are online !

3 more reviews of First Blood are avalaible !!!

November, 2004 : Do you want to know how Hemoragy sounds ?? View the reviews ! A new review of First Blood has arrived !!

October, 2004 : CONFIRMED CONCERT January, the 29th of 2005 !

Special heavy/thrash old school/rock' n roll

October, 2004 :

Hemoragy- First Blood Named album of the month by the shop Le Grand Cercle !!

Concert heMoragy - This concert was selected by the association Cambrousse Rock !!





September, 2004 : New reviews about First Blood are online !

August, 2004: Fred is the new second guitarist of HEMORAGY

July, 2004 : Release of FIRST BLOOD
June, 2004 : Concerts are projected !! View the Concert Section.
May, 2004 : Hemoragy records maxi cd 7 songsto the Hybreed Corp studio, entitled FIRST BLOOD.
February 19th, 2004 : Mp3s are avalaible.
February, 2004 : Recording of the demo.

December 20th, 2003 : The Hemoragy's website is online